This is a one day sacred journey into joy and magic

Expand and strengthen your personal experience of the Divine through the application of Ancient and Sacred knowledge.

This knowledge is for the Awakening of humanity.

At this time on Earth there are many souls of great wisdom who have incarnated to fulfil their destiny of becoming catalysts for huge change. Unfortunately most remain only half awake to their true identity –

Now is the time for the dreamers to awaken to their highest selves and to unite with other like minded souls to help the whole of humanity lift its consciousness.
“Fires of the Heart” will assist this awakening process.

This work shop provides techniques to help you to transmute the negative and mostly unconscious patterns of the personality without the pain of digging into the past and reliving the experiences.

As you become clear of limiting beliefs and programs, you can assist others to do the same.

Become an instrument for peace and positive change.

Receive activations to reawaken the Heart of your Cosmic Consciousness

Access interdimensional portals and doorways.

Anchor more light into your body.

Experience a stronger conscious connection to The Divine.

Awaken to who you really are!

Live the Life You Want

This work shop has come about through requests from many of my valued clients and students. It is a very practical course offering various techniques that I have found useful to make positive change in life.
Sometimes we get “stuck” or we feel that we are at a crossroads and are unsure of which direction to take.
Sometimes we simply feel that something is missing or that there must be more to life.
We may look at others and think that they have the secrets to happiness and success but somehow we have missed out or that the rules of happiness apply to everyone else and that you are the exception.
Sometimes we feel that life has dealt us a terrible blow and that we will never recover.
This course addresses these issues and many more.
This course is about EMPOWERMENT!
Who am I?
What do I really want from Life?
What do I expect?
What stops me from getting what I want?
Techniques to identify and clear blockages and non productive patterns of behaviour.
How to move on.
How to squeeze as much joy from life as possible.

A comprehensive manual and meditation CD are provided.

Contact details – Annie McKenzie
617- 54428847 or 0402 801 589

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My Precious Heart

Oh precious heart
My soul cries out to you
On ageless journeys
Through endless time

I have felt lost
And so alone
But the fleeting sight of you
Now calls me home

My weary heart
Sings songs of longing
The years of waiting
Are nearly done

My soul’s fulfilment
Is drawing near
Its exultation
My greatest fear

My joy is rising
On waves of sound
The part once missing
Is finally found