Annie is an intuitive healer, channel, life coach and teacher with many years of experience in these fields.

In her personal sessions, she places you in a clear and supported sacred space where self healing occurs on all levels.

This happens through reconnecting to your true self and to the source of all creation. Annie helps you to become the person you were born to be.
From this clear, strong space it is easier to make wiser choices and decisions, stand in your power and heal yourself on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

You do not need to be ill or in crisis to benefit from a personal session with Annie but these are often the nudges we get to show us that it is time to make positive changes in our lives.

We are all going through massive energy shifts at the moment and this may throw us off balance for a while until we adjust to the new energies. During these periods some of us develop a variety of symptoms including, physical illness, anxiety, depression, irritability or a feeling of being “lost or at a crossroads in our lives. We all need help from time to time.

If you would like to feel strong, happy, healthy, revitalised and empowered as well as connecting to your destiny, purpose and passion, make the choice to do so and book a one on one session with Annie.

The first session usually takes 2 to 3 hrs and subsequent session between 1 to 2 hrs.


(Following healing session)

This form of healing is a very powerful process and may continue over a period of days. Healing takes place on many levels and as one level is integrated another is activated until the process is complete.

During this period various reactions may occur (but not always)

  • Some people feel energized and exhilarated by the session but others may feel that they need to go home and have a sleep.
  • Some feel quite emotional.
  • Some may feel a little lightheaded.
  • Others may feel the need to visit the toilet more often.

Any or all of these are quite normal and nothing to worry about as it is the body’s way of detoxifying and adjusting to the different frequencies.

These effects can be minimized by doing the following –

  • Drink lots of water immediately after the session and for the week following.
  • Go for a swim in the sea.
  • Be kind to yourself and rest if you need to.
  • Have an Epsom salts bath.
  • Avoid large crowds immediately following the session (especially shopping centers or hotels and nightclubs)
  • Avoid alcohol for a few days if possible.

I have meditation CD’s available that can help with your healing process. By lying in a quiet place and listening to the guided meditations, you become more empowered in your own healing.

The aim of my sessions is to place you in a strong, clear space where you can heal on all levels and make more empowered choices and decisions. The aim is for you to become independent and take responsibility for your own healing process. Some require one session and others require more.

Often we are clearing lifetimes of issues and this may take more than one session.

If you feel that more issues come up in the period after your session, this shows that you are ready to release and heal more and may require another session. Two to three sessions is usually enough for chronic issues.

I also recommend exercises to clear, strengthen and repair your auric field.


This is a simple exercise to practice on a daily basis.

  • Sit in a comfortable chair with your spine straight and your feet on the floor.
  • Close your eyes and take a slow deep breath to centre and calm yourself.
  • Visualize your auric field surrounding your physical body. You might like to see it as an egg shaped field of energy.
  • Imagine a tube of bright white light flowing into your auric field from above your crown.
  • Breathe deeply and as you do so, imagine that you are drawing this white light into your lungs.
  • Visualize the light flowing to all parts of your body.
  • In your minds eye, scan your physical body. If you see any area of shadow, breathe the light to this area until it too becomes light.
  • Continue this process until you see your whole body shining and pulsing with brilliant white light.
  • As you exhale, breathe this light into your auric field.
  • With every breath, see your aura become lighter and brighter.
  • If there are any areas of shadow, breathe to that area until it clears.
  • If there is anything attached to your auric field, breathe to that place until the light is dazzling and watch that energy release. Keep breathing the light to this area until it becomes strong and clear.
  • Take your awareness to your solar plexus and check for any energetic chords. If you find any, cut them with an imaginary pair of scissors and watch them leave your energy field.
  • Breathe the white light to this area until it becomes clear and strong.
  • Scan your body and auric field once more to make certain it is clear.

This is a simple exercise and with practice takes only a few relaxing minutes. You might like to make it a part of your nightly routine (along with cleaning your teeth) before you go to bed. It is amazing what a difference this makes.

Contact details – Annie McKenzie
617- 54428847 or 0402 801 589

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My Life’s Purpose.

I am here to ease the heart that is feared might break.
I am here to reconnect those to love whose connection has been lost or forgotten.
I am here to fill the empty vessel to overflowing with the light of love.
I will find the broken link and rejoin it so the connection is established once more.
I am here to open hearts that have forgotten how to receive, that don’t remember how it feels to be loved.
I am here to fill the hearts and minds of men with all that there is with all that matters.
I am here to remind men of who they truly are.
I will help to anchor this love into their being so that they may radiate its light for all to see and feel.
I am here to awaken hearts to a love that has been denied for lifetimes.
I am here to love and be loved in return