In 2006 I first travelled to Mexico with a friend of mine who introduced me to “Spirit Orbs” I noticed beautiful spheres of light appearing in her photos and asked her what they were. She told me that they were Spirit Orbs and told me how to invite them into my pictures. I did this with great enthusiasm and was graced by the presence of many orbs in my photos. It seemed to me that once you know that they exist, they love to appear to you.

My friend Michelle has since published a book-“Mysterious Orbs” about this phenomenon and you can visit her web site to order a copy or to find out more about these beautiful energies. www.earth-angel.com.au

I have encountered many different types of Orbs and remain open to what they might be. The Shamans I work with in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Guatemala were always excited when the orbs appeared and their explanation to me was that there were various types of Orbs – some were the Spirits of the” Place,” some were the sprits of those who had passed over, some were spirits of healing, some wereAngelic, and they told me that in my case some were the souls of unborn children coming to check me out as I hold an energy to assist the new children incarnating at this time. I believe I have even seen an ET orb.

My observations are that the orbs are attracted to certain energies as well as powerful places and can appear in many forms – not just spheres but mists and brilliant rays of light. I have found that they appear to be attracted to music, fun, water – especially waterfalls and rain. They are also attracted to areas of concentrated energy. The places they appear do not necessarily have to be “spiritual” places.

I have encountered many beautiful orbs on my trips to South America and the Mayan Lands but encounter many at home as well. Several friends have shared their orb photos with me and I have included some of their pictures as well as my own.

I have noticed that the Orbs from my last trip to Mexico were very intensely colored and unusual in shape and pattern – some appeared to resemble spider webs and others rainbows of light.
In Mexico we noticed that several Orbs were visible to the naked eye.

Please feel free to look at my pictures and make up your own mind.

Spirit Orbs Gallery

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I stand here on these temple steps
Gazing at the Moon
I see the bright star Sirius
And know the floods are coming soon

I hold this precious part of you
So tightly to my chest
I feel my own heart beating
While yours is still – at rest

Oh heart of my heart
With you I am complete
I wash you in these sacred waters
That lap gently at my feet

I come in mystic vision
Throughout the mists of time
To connect the missing part of you
To ALL THAT IS divine

I look into the moonlit sky
And watch the stars all shine
I stand in quiet union
And know I AM divine.