As the universe will have it, I came across Annie via a set of “co-incidences”.
I arrived at Annie’s place a fractured wreck and left as a whole person.

Annie’s healing work is amazingly powerful and holistic. Not only does she heal you but also restores your aura and spirit so that you leave feeling whole and strong.

The proof for me is that I now noticeably respond to situations differently, more healthily and therefore the outcomes are different! It is so interesting and yes damned scary, to watch the new processes unfold. It is tempting to act in the old, safe ways but they don’t feel right anymore. I am now ready to grow emotionally and spiritually instead of being stuck.

Thank you Annie for putting me on the path to getting my life back and for the many many snippets of wisdom and strategies.

Love and gratitude always, Barb

THE KEY by Sidhe

The way lay open before me
But ‘twas Annie held the key
“ A warrior I’ll be no more “
but she said “ Aye that ye be.”
And she lay me down and bathed me
In incense, love and peace.
So ‘twas I took those steps forward
But her courage that set me free.

In order to move forward
First you must return
To the places where your heart lies
Lost in pieces, scorched and spurned.
You must find the hidden wounds
No matter the fear and pain.
You must dare to seek beyond
All you’ve lost and all you’ve gained.

She holds her hands above me
She finds the inner light
She knows where swords cut through me,
Where my darkness feeds my fright.
“ The consequence of choice,” she says
“does not make either right…..
you can fight or lie with death
but only truth will bring the light.”

She’s helped strip off my armour
That’s bound my pain within
And she’s sent out waves of magic
They dispel my oblivion.
It is true - I had to die,
To become a child again
She guided me to the Source
It felt like dancing in the rain.

So now the way lies open
And ‘ twas Annie held the key
To see the what lay behind
And what now lies beyond me.
The Angelsword of truth
I have taken as a guide
And naked I step out
On the path of love she’s opened wide.


Annie is POWERFUL, in the true sense of the word. She’s connected and she serves lovingly. Annie’s healings have positively transformed my life and each day something extraordinary occurs that I’m aware of and appreciative of – and I believe it’s because of Annie’s work within me. I am indeed gr8ful for Annie and her gifts and talents and light. I really encourage you to make time and give yourself one of the most profound gifts ever – a healing or 2 or 10 with Annie.

Kim Serafini, founder of iamgr8ful

With Annies incredible healing ability and uplifting encouragement and belief in me, I have come such a long way. On all levels I have blossomed. I have completed a yoga teacher training diploma of 3 years which I never thought I could. My self love is growing stronger.

Every time I see Annie, I am at the end of my tether. I feel overwhelmed and not coping very well, when I walk out and for a long time after, I feel filled with this incredible love and light. She is like and angel to me. It's like she dusts me off and fills me up to keep walking on my journey in life. I am ever so grateful to Annie, she is a very special soul.

Satyananda Yoga Teacher

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I stand here on these temple steps
Gazing at the Moon
I see the bright star Sirius
And know the floods are coming soon

I hold this precious part of you
So tightly to my chest
I feel my own heart beating
While yours is still – at rest

Oh heart of my heart
With you I am complete
I wash you in these sacred waters
That lap gently at my feet

I come in mystic vision
Throughout the mists of time
To connect the missing part of you
To ALL THAT IS divine

I look into the moonlit sky
And watch the stars all shine
I stand in quiet union
And know I AM divine.